Ryan Mallett: Secret Member of Up with People?


I've never thought of the Hogs' star quarterback as a member of Up with People, a group of freakishly perky, comically well-scrubbed twentysomethings who circle the globe singing songs of hope, peace and harmony. But this quote from a recent New York Times profile of Mallett does make one wonder: ""Whenever I meet people, I want to make them smile as much as I smile. I love to smile. I want to be nice to everybody, even people who don’t want to be nice to me." Let's hope he gives us all reason to smile this Saturday in Athens.

Dennis Johnson Out Indefinitely


Seems that he suffered a bowel injury during the ULM game and was rushed to surgery at UAMS. Best of luck to Dennis for a speedy recovery...

No Respect


The recap of yesterday's Tennessee Tech game also includes a video highlight clip. So which play is featured? Joe Adams' 85 yard TD catch and run? Ronnie Wingo's jittering and juking dash to the end zone? Jerry Franklin's and Ramon Broadway's 2nd quarter safety? No, no and no. The featured highlight is none other than Tyler Wilson's 4th quarter interception. Thanks guys, really.

Adventures in Apostasy: Week Three


Over at his paying gig at the Arkansas Times, Expats contributor aboynamedsooie has published the third and final part of his "Adventures in Apostasy" series. In this installment, Derek examines the worst-case scenario for every game on the Hogs' 2010 schedule. Derek's column appears each Wednesday on the Times' website. Check it out. Oh, and you should also follow him on Twitter.

Rating the Frosh


Chris Bahn makes his educated guesses on which freshmen will see the field this Saturday against Tennessee Tech.

Me Thinks Our Quarterback May Suffer from OCD


Ryan Mallet's appearance yesterday on ESPN2's "First Take" brought about the revelation that he likes to shower a lot, like somewhere in the ballpark of five times a day. Dear god, Ryan - have you no consideration for the protective oils that your skin produces naturally? And if you don't care about them, then think about Mother Earth. She's one overextended broad these days.

Quick Programming Note


Part 3 of our Tony Cherico Q&A will be published tomorrow.

Congratulations Hog Fans, You Are the 3rd Most Obnoxious in the SEC


At least according to this Atlanta columnist, who surely has no axe to grind whatsoever. (Spoiler alert: he hates Bobby Petrino!)

Seems Like the Hogs Are Going To Be a Tough Opponent This Fall


ESPN's SEC blogger extraordinaire, Chris Low, has broken down the toughest two-game stretches of the season for each team in the conference and it seems that the Hogs factor into every last one of them. (We have our own tough stretch as well: Georgia and Alabama.) It's hard to say if there's any real competitive advantage in being part of everyone's difficult period, but it's fun to read nonetheless.