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JD’s Mailbag: Anything Hogs!

I think the defensive line will surprise some folks. Zach Williams had a good year early on and expect him to have a breakout.

Your three grad transfers will add a lot of depth, too. LB and DB i think will be solid.

At running back I think Rocket and Dominque will be featured early on. Then, AJ Green finds some time about game five or six and shows out.

I think they’ll be fine at both positions.

My starting five offensive lineman will be similar to last year.

LT Myron Cunningham, LG Brady Latham, C Ricky Stromberg, RG Ty Clary and RT Dalton Wagner.

I do think if right tackle has issues that we could see Marcus Henderson or Jalen St. John for the first time.

You would be surprised by my answer. I’m a big burger guy due to my in-law ties to the Yellowjacket Drive-In of Sheridan. They make a dang good one! Top of my list.

If I had to pick one other it would be Ed Walker’s in Fort Smith. The other would be JJ’s World Famous Burger. The grilled onions in between the patty and melted cheese gives you an incredible taste.

You silly, guy! Catalon is already the best defensive back in the SEC. That’s in Hog fans eyes. He will be a known nationwide by midseason and you can bet on that.

I actually mentioned him on my patreon page on Saturday. If he improves considerably and puts numbers up worthy of a power five receiver prospect he will be on the Razorback radar.

Jon Ashcraft I think at the end of the day Nebraska and several others will have joined the conference in some sort. I don’t see things slowing down as far as expansion goes for awhile.

Texas knows what’s about to happen with the landscape of college football changing. They know that it’ll be only a matter of time before this super conference is 24-32 teams. That’s what they are looking at and having the “biggest brand” in college football in your conference moving forward was likely a big selling point for Sankey.

It wasn’t a matter of if they’ll ever come but when.

Arkansas will be alright without Akol Mawein. He was a four-star and top player at his position but I doubt he would’ve made an impact.

I had a hard time thinking Obanor would ever have been a Razorback. He had so a few connections to Texas Tech which included a former assistant coach from Oral Roberts.

As of right now, Kamani Johnson is still with the team and practicing after his arrest earlier last month. Many people think that Arkansas lacks size underneath. With head coach, Eric Musselman’s emphasis on playing small ball or positionless basketball size doesn’t really matter to him. He plays the pace and space which allows more spacing over the court and keeps things from being congested.

Until Arkansas faced Baylor in the Elite Eight size wasn’t a factor. And it still won’t be this year. Johnson will likely anchor the post with Stanley Umude and Jaylin Williams stretching the frontcourt.