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THREAD: Game Three Hogs/Vols

NCAA BASEBALL: JUN 10 Div 1 Championship Super Regionals - Ole Miss at Arkansas Photo by Andy Altenburger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This thread will be updated through the day.
1st Inning
Goodheart in scoring position to third with a double by Wallace. Keep it going.

Goodheart not quick enough home and he’s tagged out by the catcher with a catch and missile of a throw from RF. We go to the bottom of the first with Tennessee up.

Spence grounds to Cullen Smith for a routine first out.

The hero from yesterday, Max Pennington strikes out. 2 down none on here in the third.... first pitch to Rucker is grounded to Smith and the throw to first gets him out.

Lockhart with a solid first inning.

2nd Inning

First pitch fly-out for Christian Franklin. Moore up to bat... first pitch strike.

A low strike three for Moore and it looks like Tidwell has settled down at pitcher for the Vols.

Smith takes a two out walk. That is the second walk of the day for Tidwell.

LF Evan Russell runs down a foul ball from Casey Opitz for the third out. We go to the bottom of the second still no score.

Hogs have stranded three through the first two innings.
3rd inning

Grounded to Smith at 3B throws Gilbert out at 1B. One down in the bottom of the 3rd.

Short hop to second and Moore throws to 1B and Evan Russell is out. Two down none on.

Lipcius is struck out by Lockhart and we go to the third with no score.

Lockhart has been very efficient. He’ll go to the third inning with only 27 pitches thrown so far.

Battles up to bat in the top of the third.

Tidwell records his second K with a strike out of Jalen Battles.

Gregory out with a pop fly. That’s out #2.

Goodheart up to bat and is struck out.

Tidwell records two K’s in the top of the third inning.

We are still scoreless in the third inning.

Lockhart strikes out Jordan Beck. Third K of the game.

Lockhart with a four pitch walk to Derkay. Pavilony up for the Vols.

Fourth strikeout for Lockhart on Pavilony. Spence up for the Vols.

Lockhart K’s Spence.

No score heading to the 4th.

4th Inning

That is Lockhart’s 5th strikeout of the day.

Drew Gilbert is 0-1 and comes to the plate with two down but gets a base hit on a grounder past Battles.

Two outs and one man on for Tennessee. First base hit of the day for the Vols. Evan Russell up to bat.

Another base hit by Russel for a single. Two men on, two outs. Runners at first and second.

Lipcius hits a pop fly to Slavens as Arkansas retires the side. 0-0 score. Tennessee had two men on but miss their chance to put runs on the board.
5th Inning

Moore is the lead off man. He takes a strikeout from Tidwell which is his fifth of the day.

Smith has a pop up to RF and Arkansas has two outs.

Arkansas has Kevin Kopps warming up in the bullpen.

Tidwell strikes out Opitz and we head to the bottom of the fifth inning.

Beck up to bat for the Vols. He has a fast ball to the left side of the plate and that’s another strike out for Lockhart.

Derkay is at bat now and was walked earlier in the game. He fouls the second pitch up the 3B line. Derkay will work himself out of a 2-2 count with a base hit to short left field for a single.

Pavolony up to bat for the Vols. He rips another one to left field. There’s one out, two men on with Liam Spence up to bat.

A walk to the mound from Dave Van Horn and it looks like they are bringing in Caden Monke in the bottom of the fifth inning. The top of the lineup coming up with Spence.

A wild pitch by Monke and that advances both base runners. Arkansas brings the infield in with runners at second and third. Spence has a 3-0 count and is walked.

The Vols have the bases loaded with yesterday’s hero, Max Ferguson up to bat. First pitch is a low fast ball. Opitz heads to the mound to try and settle down Monke. Here comes Van Horn again and he brings in Zebulon Vermillion. Can Arkansas get out of the fifth and avoid allowing a run, two or three?

Things are getting loud as the Tennessee bluegrass begins to jam inside Lindsey Nelson Stadium.

Ferguson has a short chopper to Battles and throws to first for an out. Runner gets home.

Rucker comes on and hits a fly out to RF and Wallace makes the catch to retire the inning. Vermillion does his job and manages his way through damage control. Tennessee leads 1-0 leading into the sixth.

6th Inning

Battles up to bat for the Hogs. On a 2-2 count Tidwell gets his sixth K of the game with a fastball right over the plate.

Gregory is up to bat and is 0-2 today. He is 0-3 now with a liner to right field.
Goodheart is up for the Hogs now. He is 0-1 today with a walk. He pops it foul in deep and Russell makes the catch for the third out.

Gilbert is up to bat for the Vols now and has ripped two pitches down the left field line for fouls. He fouls a third one back behind home plate. He hits another one just barely foul down the first base line. The next pitch strikes him out.

The terrific Russell comes to bat and the first pitch from Vermillion is a strike. The second pitch is a pop up and Vermillion is ahead 1-2. Russell takes another ball and the count is 2-2. A wild pitch by Vermillion makes the count full. Hogs need an out here. Russell rips the next pitch down the left field line for a foul. Vermillion short hops another pitch and that will send Russel to first.
Lipcius is now up and has gone 0-2 but he gets a base hit this time to short right field. The Vols have two one with one out and Arkansas now has Kopps up warming up in the bullpen.

Kopps first pitch is lined out to Gregory for the second out of the inning. That will keep both runners in their tracks.
Booker comes in as a pinch hitter and his first swing is taken in a knee for strike one. Second pitch bounces off the plate for a ball. The next pitch is fouled back and now it’s a 1-2 count. Whew, another one that was very inside is fouled back. The count is now 2-2 for Booker and takes another one foul. Kopps throws a third ball but is saved from a wild pitch by Opitz. Kopps comes through in the bottom of the sixth and strikes out Booker.

7th inning

Wallace lines out to start the seventh.
Slavens helped Arkansas win Friday’s game in the eighth inning on Friday. He falls behind on an 0-2 count. Slavens hits the ball between three Vols and gets all the way to second. What hustle.
With one out and one on and Franklin up to bat. A wild pitch gets Slavens to third. The Vols pitching coach comes in to talk to Tidwell who retired 14 straight batters before Slavens hit a double. Tidwell walks Franklin.

Moore comes to the plate with two on and one out. He lines one foul to right but was long enough to be homered. Moore’s only hit of the series was a home run on Friday. He lines one to center, Slavens tags up and gets home and we are tied at one apiece!

The throw to second sails over his head and Franklin heads to third. One on, two outs and the game is tied. Smith has a full count and fouls it out of play. Smith keeps working Tidwell and fouls one back on the 9th pitch of the at bat. The 10th one is fouled back as well. What an at bat by Cullen. The 11th pitch is off speed and strikes out Smith. Game is tied at one!

Pavolony leads off against Kopps to begin the bottom of the seventh. A ball and a foul to start off the at bat. He swings and misses and is struck out. Kopps with another K!

Now, the top of the order comes up with Spence to bat and facing Kopps for the first time. First pitch goes behind the catcher. The second is right down the middle. The next two are balls to make the count 3-1 and he swings and misses to make it full. A fly ball to center field and Franklin makes the catch. That’s two outs in the seventh.

On comes the second baseman, Ferguson. He takes the first pitch ball, second pitch is a strike. Now, the count is 3-1. Moore takes a hopper from Ferguson and makes the throw in time to first and that will retire the side.

8th Inning

Opitz fouls the 100th pitch by Tidwell back. He sends the next pitch back, too. He is battling and gets a full count. The next pitch is low and inside for a lead-off walk.

With confidence, Battles walks to the plate. Next, Tony Vitello makes a walk to the mound and will relieve Blade Tidwell of his 103-pitch performance. At one point he retired 14 straight Razorback batters. Sean Huntley will now try to close out the game for the Volunteers here in the 8th inning. One on, no outs for the Razorbacks.

Battles is on for a sac bunt to get Opitz to second.

Gregory is on for the Hogs and the top of the order. He sends a fly ball that carries to left center to bring in Opitz. Arkansas has the lead 2-1!

Goodheart’s first pitch is a line drive to second and is out at first.

Wallace is up for the Hogs now and his first pitch is taken for a ball. Braydon Webb is inserted as a pinch runner at third. He hits a pop up to second for the third out of the inning. Arkansas goes to the bottom of the eighth with the lead, 2-1.

Jacob Nesbit has entered the game at third base for the Hogs. Braydon Webb, who made a spectacular catch on Friday is in for Gregory at left field.

Rucker is looking for his first hit of the day is bounced foul and the count is at 2-2. The breaking ball is thrown by Kopps and he throws his third strikeout of the game.

Gilbert up to bat and has taken the first two pitches for a 1-1 count. The next pitch is a ball. The next pitch is fouled back and the count is now 2-2 and is chopped foul. He hits one well to deep center field and Franklin gets under it for the second out.

Russell has 12 homers on the season but is 1-2 today with a walk. He rips the first pitch down the left field line foul. Kopps gives him a slider for another strike. The 1-2 count for Russel is fouled back to keep this at bat alive. Russell lines it to Battles, he collects it and throws it to first for the third out of the inning.

9th Inning

Slavens leads off for the Hogs but quickly finds himself behind on a 0-2 count. He takes the next one as a ball. He gets a chopper to Rucker at third but the throw is not in time and Slavens is SAFE!

Franklin is up to bat looking to advance Slavens. His first pitch is a strike. He’s 3-10 with a home run in this series. He lines it to Rucker and gets him out at first. Franklin advances to second with one out. Vitello hits the mound and will relieve Huntley. In comes Redmond Walsh.

Walsh has four wins on the season with a 2.64 ERA in 36 innings pitched.

Moore will come to bat looking to bring Slavens home for the second time in the series. Moore will line one to left field and bring Slavens home. Hogs lead 3-1.

Nesbit comes in for his first at bat of the ball game. He will line one to center but is out. Moore will stay at second.
Opitz lines one to third and Rucker bobbles the ball and drops it for an error. The hogs have two on the corners with two outs.

Battles is up and takes the first pitch fouled back. He takes the next pitch for a strike and 0-2 count. He lines out to right and that will be the end of the half inning. The Volunteers have one more chance to take the series.

Lipcius is on for Tennessee and he gets his second hit of the game with a liner to right. He gets to second with the tying run at the plate.

Beck is up to bat for the Vols and he is struck out! Two more outs for the Hogs. One man on at second.

Booker is up to bat for the second time in the game. He struck out in the sixth inning. He has a 1-2 count and a grounder to second and is thrown out at first.

Pavolony’s first pitch is high for ball one. He’s 1-3 on the day with two strikeouts. The count is now 2-0 with a runner at third. He rips one foul and the count is 2-1. Pavolony hits one to short left and the Hogs lead is down to one 3-2.

Kopps will now face the top of the order with Liam Spence to bat. First pitch is a strike. He gets the third pitch across for a strike. The 1-2 is a ball. It’s a fly ball to right field, Wallace catches it and this one belongs to the Razorbacks!
FINAL: Arkansas 3, Tennessee 2