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Pittman Looking For “That Guy” at Tailback with Sanders Move

Razorback 2020 signee, Rocket Sanders enrolled at Arkansas back in January. With hopes of early playing time due to his size and speed Sanders received high expectations from Razorback fans early on.

Sanders has a similar build to current star receiver Treylon Burks. So, it was pretty much a given that Sanders would play wide receiver the majority of the time while playing snaps at tailback, too.

During the pre-spring practice press conference yesterday it was announced that Sanders would be moved to running back permanently. Obviously, and player that goes by “Rocket” has to be blazing fast. Sanders was a four-star athlete in his class and was ranked in the top 200 for the class of 2021.

So, where does Sanders fit in at his new position?

Trelon Smith has rightfully earned the starting tailback leading up to spring practice. Smith leads TJ Hammonds, John Oglesby as the returners. “They’re all smaller, quicker, shifty, fast guys. We need to find a big back, and, so we have moved Rocket Sanders to running back,” Pittman said. They are all smaller, shifty running backs with very good speed. Smith and Hammonds both made big plays of 50+ yards and multiple touchdowns in their Razorback careers.

“If you have three or four good ones you don’t have one good one, so we’re trying to look for that guy,” said Pittman.

Boyd was “that guy” the previous three seasons before being injured in the 2020. With that void being wide open Sanders could sneak in there, too. Another freshman running back, Javion Hunt could also contribute during the spring. He is already gaining size from his recruited weight and is now 205.

So, who’s going to be “that guy”? Time will tell but you don’t put the number five on a guy and not expect him to be a baller. Sanders will be a challenger for starting tailback.

Updated Spring Depth Chart

  1. Trelon Smith
  2. Rocket Sanders
  3. TJ Hammonds
  4. Javion Hunt
  5. John Oglesby