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The Journey Ends...

Oral Roberts v Arkansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Baylor 81 Arkansas 72

And the journey ends. A lot of emotions right now from this writer tonight.

The potential last game for some awesome Razorbacks, but more on that later.

Arkansas started the game the same way they have all season and that’s really bad. The Hogs were down by 18 in no time.

BUT like they have all season they came back. They had several runs in them. At half, Arkansas found themselves down 8. Arkansas had 10 first half turnovers and both teams were shooting lights out.

In the 2nd half, Arkansas made to runs to get it back to 4, but were unable to slow down MaCio Teague and Davion Mitchell.

Mitchell would get a screen at the top of the key and take advantage of the mismatch. It was the main offense for the entire 2nd half.

Arkansas went on a drought in the final minutes and that was it. The Hogs just didn’t have enough. They did things you cannot do against this Baylor team. They turned the ball over too much.

What this team did though cannot be understated. They were picked to finish 6th in the SEC, had 10 new players, and made a run to the Elite 8.

They did things we haven’t seen in the 21st century. We, as fans, cannot thank guys like Moses Moody, Justin Smith, and Jalen Tate enough.

Moody was headed elsewhere until Musselman arrived on campus. The trust he placed in Muss was huge and it definitely worked out for him. He came back and played for his state. I’ll never forget it.

Justin Smith was the most important player to this team. He was incredibly consistent and a calming presence on the floor each night.

Jalen Tate was the floor general. The voice of reason. The encourager on the court. He battled each and every night on both ends of the floor.

Don’t hang your heads, Hog fans. This thing is just getting started!

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