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Bracketology Round-Up, 2/26

For the Hogs, the only question is: how high is the ceiling?

Alabama v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

After Wednesday night’s massive victory over the Tide, everyone is high on the Hogs. Winning eight straight games in a conference that has become one of the better groups in 2021 will do that. As we near March, here are some of the major predictions for Arkansas’s tournament prospects.

Chris Dobbertean, Blogging the Brackets

SB Nation’s in-house bracket guru has the Razorbacks up to a four-seed as of today, up two from his previous bracket. In this scenario, Arkansas is taking on 13th seed Winthrop, the automatic qualifier out of the Big South. Get past the Eagles, and you’re looking at a massive showdown against UC Santa Barbara. Just kidding: it’s another chance to take Texas down.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN

Another move up from the six seed, Lunardi now has the Hogs as a five seed, taking on the Shockers of Wichita State in the first round. A victory over the recently-great-but-now-only-okay Shockers would send the Hogs on to a matchup with the forever-great-but-now-only-pretty-good Kansas Jayhawks. That would be a heckuva showdown.

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports

This one’s the bracket that’s setting my heart a-flutter. Sweet, sweet Jerry Palm has seen enough (as of today) to reckon that Arkansas is a three seed in 2021, which would make them the highest-seeded Hog team since the 1995 squad finished runner-up as a two. In his bracket, the Hogs would be playing 14th seed Colgate. The potential second round matchup would see the Hogs taking on either Texas Tech or Wichita State.

Amazing to think, after Justin Smith’s injury and the run of bad games in early January, that the Razorbacks are not only in every one of these bracket projections, they are considered a lock. Saturday’s a big game for getting one of those high seeds locked up. Keep it up, stay hot, and let’s see how deep the Hogs can go into March.