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Defensive End Prospect Complimentary of Fans and Pittman

“I spoke with Coach Pitman today. He told me that he NEEDED me.”

Arkansas hosted around a dozen 2022 football prospects on Saturday for virtual visits.

Curlee Thomas is a three-star defensive end out of Nolan Catholic School in Fort Worth, Texas. Thomas has quite the size of a SEC defensive lineman at 6’4 245 pounds. He also reports 29 offers from various schools including Arkansas, Baylor, California, Houston, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Virginia Tech.

“It was a pretty good tour,” said Thomas.

He has been very complimentary of Razorback Nation, too. “The love the fan base has for the team is amazing,” said Thomas.

That will surely be an answer that could win Hog fans over. Razorback fans are known to be everywhere to engage with their team, especially on social media. Of course, the Razorbacks are the main event when it comes college athletics and prospects like Thomas have taken notice.

“With the state of Arkansas not having any pro teams. They really pour themselves into the hogs. It’s a fan base like no other,” said Thomas.

It is evident that head coach, Sam Pittman is heavily interested in gaining a commitment from Thomas.

“I spoke with Coach Pitman today. He told me that he NEEDED me,” said Thomas.

We have heard for years that Pittman was a lockdown recruiter due to his transparency as a coach, fiend and especially a recruiter. Amid a pandemic, the effectiveness of his recruiting hasn’t gone down despite the nearly year long dead period for NCAA teams.

“That was a pretty special feeling,” said Thomas about how Pittman made him feel important and wanted. Thomas also mentioned that Pittman told him with his size, speed and length that he would be a player that never comes off the field.

“You hear position coaches at schools say that but it feels good to see a head coach show you that type of respect,” said Thomas.