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Pittman Looking For Effort From Hogs

Arkansas Razorbacks

Much of the previous two seasons it seems that the Razorback football team would seem to quit when adversity knocked at their door. Whatever it may have been, former head coach Chad Morris could not get the best out of his team.

You fast forward to this season and it seems that Sam Pittman and his staff have figured out what buttons to push to get a response out of his players.

“We have a long way to go but have a long way to go, too,” Pittman said. “We have come a long way in our toughness, execution. We have really come together as a football team.”

That has been something noteworthy is the relationship between the players and the coaches. From what Pittman has been saying through the recent press conferences seems promising that the Hogs may be able to compete in the SEC for the first time in a couple of years. It all starts with effort and that is what the head hog would say next.

“Effort is much better than it was,” said Pittman. “Our complaining is much lower than what it was.”

The big E word is what the Razorback football team will need to have heading into their week one matchup against the Georgia Bulldogs on September 26th. The effort throughout fall practice will be the indicator on who gets to travel on road games and who will dress out for the home games.

“Look, we are gonna end up having an x number of guys...... whether it be injury, the Covid situation or something personal that happens in someones life. We are gonna go out and play somebody. I think we are starting to have that mentality of where we believe we can go out there and compete,” Pittman said. “I am proud of it.”