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Fans Optimistic Regarding Direction Of Program

NCAA Football: Georgia at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone once in a while I like to gauge the thoughts of the fans when it comes to the Razorback sport programs. We all know the Hogs started their football season on Saturday and the reaction three days after the game is still overwhelmingly positive.

I agree with John here. I love a good defense! It’s been quite some time, since 2014 to be exact, that Arkansas had a defense worth a dang. That defense was a little deeper than the one the Hogs have fielded but the pieces they have now could be more talented than that one.

It was game one regarding special teams but it will get better. Scott Fountain hasn’t coached in two national championship games without good reason.

Katie, it is never too early to ask the question but I’m glad you did take time to explain your place. The foundation has certainly been laid with a quality group of coaches and buy in from the players. It will take time to get back to a winning tradition that we are used to seeing.

I really liked this response because he is a straight shooter. Competency is key for the Hogs to get back on track and coach Sam Pittman has the right coordinators hired to get that done. It was week one and I was prepared for plenty of dumb penalties and a few “welp” moments similar to 10-man special teams issue. Like I said earlier, Fountain knows what he is doing. I doubt it will be a lingering issue.

I am slightly concerned about the Air Raid on Saturday but feel as if Arkansas has enough talent in the secondary to combat it. We will see but I am not ready to claim Mississippi State to be world beaters....yet.