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Freshmen Played Vital Role Against Georgia

NCAA Football: Georgia at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas has plenty of underclassmen prove their worth on Saturday. On defense Myles Slusher, Greg Brooks, Isaiah Nichols, Zach Williams, Jalen Catalon and Simeon Blair all played a vital role in keeping the Razorbacks in the game through 2.5 quarters on Saturday.

Huge stops, big hits and sure tackling surprised many Hog fans and Georgia faithful on Saturday. I think it even had a few folks in fear that the Razorbacks were on the verge of an upset over a top 5 and playoff contending team. Things quickly unraveled and the Hogs eventually lost the game 37-10. A stagnant offense that wasn’t able to move on Georgia’s defense is what really did the Razorbacks in.

The defense should get some valuable depth back this week with a return of a few players. That should bode well as the Razorbacks prepare to keep the “Air Raid” on the tarmac.

Two of the Hogs freshmen in Catalon and Slusher were really solid in their first significant playing time in college. Catalon is a former four-star safety commitment while Slusher is a four-star defensive back with the ability to play any position in the secondary.

Catalon seemed to be everywhere on Saturday so much so that he was the leading tackler for his team. He recorded 7 tackles, never missed one, wrapped up when needed and provided big hits for stops to avoid big gains.

Slusher proved he could hang in the SEC and should see his amount of playing time increase as the season rolls on. He recorded a fumble recovery against Georgia to start the second half that could have been a huge return if he had not been tripped up by a teammate.

Are these two freshmen ready to slow down the “Air Raid”? We shall see on Saturday.