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Final Thoughts: Hogs vs Dogs

-Defense gave it all in this game.

The Razorback defense was tough and hard nosed after the football for the first 2 quarters and five minutes. They will get better but obviously depth will be an issue.

-Gerald’s absence has been noticed.

He was seen walking with the trainers to the locker room before halftime and never returned.

-#4 Georgia showed the Hogs why they’re #4.

-Too much cuteness on offense.

There were times during this game where the cute plays were a great idea but were not executed or not needed. Understand this, you need to be cute at times or throw out all the stops in order to upset top teams. It just didn’t work today.

-Burks is going to be that dude.

The brightest spot on offense was the emergence of Treylon Burks. He was widely predicted to be a major player on offense and that they would target him in multiple ways. He was able to finish the game with 7 receptions for 102 yards and a touchdown.

-Tackling is much better.

-Energy is there.

The worry that a lot of the fan base had was how much energy would the Hogs give in this game? They fought hard to the finish but Georgia was too much to overcome after key mistakes during the second half.

-There is fight in this team and that bodes well as we carry through the next nine games.

-The Razorback offense will improve as always.

They were player one of the best defenses in the country and one that had multiple returnees from last years team. It is too early to grade the offense after the first game under a new coordinator.

-New system/new coaches takes time to mesh

-The offense some good things early.

There are plenty of things you can look at and say hey let’s do that some more. Stretching the field was something we have hardly seen since 2016. That will be a welcome sight in Fayetteville again.

-They’ll learn from this tough loss and build off of it.

-For one half, the Hogs went toe to toe with one of the top teams in the country.

-Oh, btw....a healthy Catalon is very good.

Jalen Catalon was one of the most highly regarded safeties in the country for the 2019 class. He made some impressive big hits and timely plays for a redshirt freshman. He will be a joy to watch the next 2-3 years.

Finally, 20 straight SEC losses has been the toughest stretch of football in Razorback football history. On the other hand there is a pulse in Fayetteville and the vibe is much different with this team than the previous two. There is hope, Razorback fans.