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Gameday Predictions: Hogs vs Dogs

LUKE: The college football world is going to take notice of Arkansas hanging around with the mighty Dawgs. Depth won’t be quite the issue it’ll become later in the season, but the Hogs don’t have quite enough horses to cross the finish line first. But you’ll know we’ve turned the page on the last two years.

Georgia 31, Arkansas 27

ADAM: With Georgia’s offense breaking in a new coordinator and a bunch of new starters, I think the Bulldogs will look rocky at times. But that defense is just too good. I’m going 34-10 Georgia.

BEN: “Georgia may be replacing several pieces on offense, but their defense returns 9 starters from a team that didn’t allow a rushing TD to a running back all year. Rakeem Boyd and the underwhelming Arkansas O-Line will have their hands full with the Bulldogs. Kirby Smart will keep it respectful.”

Georgia 42, Arkansas 13

JACOB: like all the other guys I am not too optimistic about the Razorbacks winning the ball game. I do believe they compete though. Arkansas was loaded with young sophomore and junior talent during the 2014 season when they opened the season on the road against a top 10 Auburn team. Going into the half Arkansas fought tooth and nail and were tied with the Tigers. The second half was a different story and the Hogs lost 45-21.

I see a similar scenario playing out this Saturday with the Hogs being tied or within three at halftime before the Bulldogs pull away for good.

UGA 38 - Arkansas 21