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Pittman Growing Optimism For Tight End Room

The revolving door at tight end seems to be slowing down a bit as the season comes drawing near. The new depth chart for week one versus Georgia was revealed and a surprising name was found at the starting spot.

It was thought to be Hudson Henry’s job to lose but we were slightly mistaken as incoming freshman Blayne Toll could be a starting tight end on Saturday.

Razorback fans would sometimes moan when the would see the “-or-” on the depth chart especially when it concerned the quarterback position. Toll has the opportunity early on in his Razorback career to make an impact. It is obvious already that this staff is high on him.

“We moved him back (to tight end). He is doing well,” said Pittman. “We have a game plan where he knows what he is going to do.”

It has been talked about throughout the fall camp and summer conditioning programs that Toll would be used more for his blocking but Pittman said he likes him for more than just that.

“He has a lot of speed.” said Pittman.
For a man his size speed will help him at the next level especially for down field blocking. The Razorbacks need that extra depth along with former walk-on tight end Blake Kern the Hogs might have found their rotation at the position.

Pittman would go on to note that Henry has been good as of late and why he is the other starter.

“Hudson has had a couple of good weeks. I am really feeling good about the tight end room,” said Pittman.