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Arkansas Prepares For Georgia After Long Offseason

Razorback fans, we have made it. It has been a whirlwind ride to this day since the middle of March. The cancellation of conference and NCAA basketball tournaments were a bummer but there is hope that they can happen. What we did not think would get here.....or even football season. Good golly, Mrs. Molly we are ready to roll!

Razorback head coach, Sam Pittman met with the media yesterday to discuss how he is preparing for the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday. Yes, the Bulldogs that he helped coach along the offensive line for the previous four seasons. Pittman gave a lot of praise to Bulldogs head coach, Kirby Smart and showed much humility for everything he was taught being prepared for the head coaching position at Arkansas.

“Going against Georgia we know what great talent they have. Obviously how well they’re coached,” said Pittman.

Georgia boasts a lot of talent in their two and three deeps. According to the Bulldogs have the most talent of any team in the country. They also have compiled the most 5-star talent in the country with 15. However, the Razorbacks have none of that caliber but do have enough 4-star talent to go around. That is enough to field a starting 22 with a few more sprinkled in.

The Razorbacks are well coached and there was credit given to him by Smart during his press conference previewing Arkansas.

“(Sam Pittman) has always had the traits of a head coach,” said Smart.

The Hogs will have to prepare for multiple looks on the defensive side as no one really knows what type of offense the Bulldogs offensive coordinator will field this season. With previous stops at Southern Miss, Oklahoma State and the Cleveland Browns,

“We are trying to prepare for everywhere Monken has been,” said Pittman.

Monken has coaches high flying offenses in his career. Most notably the one he coached at Oklahoma State was incredible. He was able to mentor and coach one of the best college wide receivers of this generation in Justin Blackmon. He groomed him to finish his Cowboys career with a junior season of 1500 yards and 18 touchdowns.

The question of the day was who Pittman thought would start at quarterback for the Bulldogs ok Saturday.

“I haven’t had a personal conversation with Kirby about who is going to start. I guarantee you no one will know who the starting quarterback is going to be until he trots out there,” said Pittman.

Many believe it will be a dual-quarterback system with JT Daniels and D’Wan Mathis starting.