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Arkansas Finds Out Their Two New SEC Opponents for 2020. Yurachek Responds In A Essential “Forget You” Way

The SEC office was not too kind to Arkansas for the restructure of the 2020 football schedule. Last week, it was announced that the SEC would play a 10 game, conference only schedule due to Covid-19.

With the addition of Georgia and Florida, Arkansas will play the top three teams from the SEC East this season with Tennessee already originally on the schedule. Arkansas will play the Gators and Bulldogs at the end of the schedule as the final opponents of the 2020 season. Arkansas will play Georgia at home and play Florida on the road.

In what is essentially a “forget you” statement to SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, this was the response from the Razorbacks athletic director, Hunter Yurachek:

Arkansas will also face Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss and Tennessee at home. On the road they will face Mississippi State, Auburn, Missouri and Texas A&M.