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MBB: November 10th Start In Jeopardy

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Tournament Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

John Rothstein of CBS Sports reported that November 25 and December 4 are the likely starting dates for the college basketball season. The original start that was set is November 10. While there hasn’t been anything officially decided on if the season will be pushed back, it is hard to believe the season will start on time.

Athletic Directors around the country are intrigued by starting the season when students leave for Thanksgiving break. There is also the possibility of waiting until January to start the season by playing only conference games. The importance of affordable testing with quick results is what the entire season may hinge on.

It would be the luck Arkansas fans have become familiar with for the season to be delayed. This is the most talented team Arkansas has had in over a decade!

In a normal year, we would already have the full schedule at this point. Throughout the summer, there have been reports of 10 different games, but those dates will likely be changed.

Here is what has been reported so far:

Date Opponent Location

Nov. 10 Rice Fayetteville, AR

Nov. 20 San Francisco Las Vegas, NV

Nov. 22 Louisville/Colorado St. Las Vegas, NV

Nov. 28 Northern Illinois Fayetteville, AR

Dec. 2 Texas-Arlington Fayetteville, AR

Dec. 5 Lipscomb Fayetteville, AR

Dec. 12 Oklahoma Tulsa, OK

Dec. 19 Old Dominion Little Rock, AR

Dec. 23 Abilene Christian Fayetteville, AR

TBD Tulsa Tulsa, OK

In an attempt to keep teams close to home, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of these opponents were removed from the schedule and promised a game in a later season. Keeping teams in a regional area may be required by conferences. There are just so many questions that have to be answered by the leadership. The NCAA must provide guidance. Dan Gavitt, the VP of Men’s Basketball for the NCAA, has been adamant that an NCAA Tournament will happen in 2021. The financial ramifications of 2 years without a tournament would be catastrophic.

Could the NCAA survive that? I don’t know, but to say the next 3 months are important would be an understatement.

For Arkansas, I could see adding games with any of the in-state schools.

Could we see the first men’s basketball game against Arkansas State since the 1986 NIT? Or the first game against UCA since the 1940s? Maybe a first ever matchup with Little Rock or UAPB. I think Missouri St., SE Missouri St., Memphis, or schools in the Dallas area would also be on the table.

No matter what this season looks like, it can’t get here soon enough. This Arkansas team is going to be a lot of fun!