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Yeah, Arkansas Has A Tough Schedule. Move On and Stop Complaining About It

Georgia Bulldogs v Arkansas Razorbacks Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Football will most likely be played this fall after the SEC revised the regular season schedule and changed it to conference-only. Arkansas found themselves in familiar territory playing another grueling schedule this fall. What is so unusual about that? The 2020 season for the Razorbacks was already going to be a tough one anyway with their regular schedule amongst the SEC West.

I loath laziness and complainers. Look, there is no excuses. It is what it is and you can be mad about it but it won’t change the fact that Arkansas has to play the hand they have been dealt. Seeing some media members making a big deal out of it can move on, too. I remember the 2014 season where Arkansas had to play several opponents who were ranked in the top 10 and lower in the top 25. No one complained about that schedule. No one. They faced it, won a few and returned to the post season after a two season absence.

The Hogs played eight opponents who ranked in the top 25. The season started on the road against 6th ranked Auburn which the Hogs went into halftime tied at 21. Then, after playing three non-conference games, winning them all they went onto play 6th ranked Texas A&M (lost by seven), 7th ranked Alabama (lost by one) and 10th ranked Georgia (lost by 13) for consecutive weeks. Talk about tough!

Then, the Hogs would take on UAB at home before playing number one Mississippi State (lost by 7) on the road, 20th ranked LSU, 8th ranked Ole Miss and closed the regular season out with 17th ranked Missouri (lost by 7). Yeah, count it again. That is eight top 25 teams which is similar to the schedule that will be played this fall.

So, don’t worry about it, stop complaint and let these boys play it out! Even if there is a bias, quit complaining about it. Head coach Sam Pittman and athletic director Hunter Yurachek want to take the bull by the horns and ride it out. They have the utmost confidence in their team and the players are ready to go as well.

Sometimes it is better to stay quiet than spout garbage.