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What We Know About Razorback Sports Returning This Fall

Athletic director, Hunter Yurachek met with many of the Arkansas media today to discuss the effort for student athletes to return to campus for voluntary workouts beginning on June 8th.

In years past, graduate transfers would come in as summer practices started if they had not enrolled during the spring semester. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this spring Yurachek, the SEC and NCAA have made attempts to restructure how they do things amidst of this virus.
“Transfer student athletes will be able to come on campus June 8th,” said Yurachek during the Zoom meeting which included many of the Arkansas media.

Will they test student athletes as they return to campus? Yes, but not right away. The plan is to screen athletes as they return but they will not test every athlete upon arrival,” said Yurachek. He went on to say say that they are equipped to handle individual cases but if an outbreak occurs they would then have to adjust.

If an athlete tests positive for the virus:

What is the anticipation for games to be played this fall? “We are planning to play all 12 football games this season,” said Yurachek. He would later add, “Nevada is planning to be here and we’re planning to be at Notre Dame. We’re all still planning to have those games.”

Iowa State came out last night with their plans to have their stadium run at half capacity for 2020. During the session Yurachek did mention that they anticipate having Donald W Reynolds Razorback Stadium at full capacity this fall. He added that they are creating different scenarios for particular situations.

Until further notice, Arkansas has put a halt to their sell of Razorback season tickets for this fall.

As more details come out about what they will do regarding sports this fall, we will update you accordingly.