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The Man That Started It All


Remembering Eddie Sutton

Eddie Sutton passed away on Saturday at the age of 84. He is the greatest coach to never win a national championship. The man who built the Arkansas basketball program. The man that gave Oklahoma State the greatest years in their program history. What Eddie Sutton did on the court and the legacy he left with his players will never be forgotten.

Many former players have spoken of their love and appreciation for Coach Sutton since his passing.

Former Arkansas Center Scott Hastings:

Former Arkansas Center Joe Kleine:

Current Arkansas assistant coach & Former Oklahoma St. guard Corey Williams:

Former Oklahoma St. Guard Doug Gottlieb on Instagram:

“I’m sorry we couldn’t get you your national championship. We all are. The Arkansas guys, the 92 & 94 teams (stacked),the 95 guys, my squad and the 04 team all feel this way. We wanted it for you, for our program, but mostly for you.”

What He Accomplished

- 806-326 record

- 3 Final Fours

- 9 conference regular season titles

- 7 conference tournament titles

- 8 conference Coach of the Year honors

- Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame

At Arkansas

Eddie Sutton laid the foundation for Nolan Richardson to build a house on. Arkansas had been to 2 NCAA tournaments in the previous 25 years before Sutton was hired at Arkansas. He recorded a 260-75 record in 11 seasons at Arkansas with 9 straight NCAA Tournament appearances.

Future NBA Players that Sutton coached at Arkansas:

Sidney Moncrief

Ron Brewer

Alvin Robertson

Joe Kleine

Scott Hastings

Byron Irvin

Tony Brown

Darrell Walker

Andrew Lang

As a younger fan, I cannot thank Eddie Sutton enough for what he did for Arkansas basketball. Without him, it is doubtful Arkansas wins a national championship in 1994 and it is doubtful we have a need for Bud Walton Arena. Thank you, Eddie!