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Greatest Razorback Football Moments No One Talks About

Arkansas Razorbacks v Alabama Crimson Tide Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Since the cancellation of sports came hit us like a bug splatting on the front of a car many of media outlets have shared their greatest players, games and moments but there are many moments of Razorback history that are overshadowed because of other plays or bigger games. Let’s be different for a moment and relive moments that are often forgotten.

2006: Corso picks the Hogs as Arkansas hosts College Gameday

How on earth could we forget about the most electric atmosphere in Razorback History? In what started out as an early morning tailgate party, Razorback fans were ready to get the party started. Kirk Herbstreit nailed it when he predicted the Hogs would “take it to Tennessee.” Lee Corso praised Razorback fans and looked around proclaiming his love for Arkansas. He picked the Hogs in this one and put on the Razorback headgear to quite the fan fare. Boy, wasn’t this a night?

Narrated my Voice of the Razorbacks, Chuck Barrett, he noted Darren McFadden vaulted himself into the Heisman race with 181 yards rushing and a pair of touchdowns. That was a wild night as Arkansas put the Volunteers away 31-14.

1998: Arkansas takes down the Air Raid

Mike Leach was an up and coming hot commodity in the coaching ranks as the offensive coordinator of the Kentucky Wildcats. After taking a 20-7 lead early in the third quarter it looked as if the Wildcats were going to find smooth sailing in Little Rock but the the Hogs never quit. On the next drive Clint Stoerner would find Anthony Lucas wide open down the sideline for a huge 38 yard gain to the Kentucky five yard line. The Razorbacks had to settle for a field goal to cut the lead to ten 20-10. The next Kentucky drive stalled with their quarterback Tim Couch sacked and Arkansas got the ball back with momentum on their side.

Anthony Lucas caught another big gainer for 28 yards on a post pattern and the very next play running back Madre Hill was able to turn the corner and get inside the redzone to the 13 yard line only. The Razorbacks settled for another field goal to trim the lead to 20-13.

With 14:51 remaining in the fourth quarter, David Barrett intercepted Couch’s pass at the 27 yard line and took it to the Kentucky 14 yard line and War Memorial went nuts with a chance to tie the ball game. The very next play Stoerner found Lucas on a slant route as he carried a man on his back with many white jerseys falling behind him to tie the ball game at 20. The fireworks were not over.

On Arkansas’ next drive with a heavy dependance on the arm of Stoerner, the Razorbacks drove the ball down the field and with 9;28 to go Hubert Loudermilk was found wide open for a touchdown. Arkansas never looked back the rest of the game and ultimately won the game to extend their winning streak to four games to start the Houston Nutt tenure.

2012: Cobi Hamilton breaks records versus Rutgers

Not much can be said about how the 2012 season turned out for the Razorbacks. With Hamilton headlining a depleted Razorback receiving corp, he was able to put up some eye popping numbers and a record breaking season for his senior year. He recorded 303 yards on 10 receptions versus Rutgers and found the endzone three times including an 80 yard haul to bring the Razorbacks within two midway through the fourth quarter.

Yeah, Arkansas did not win this game and that is why this moment has been one of those overshadowed great moments in Razorback history.

2007: Darren McFadden bruises Alabama’s defense

Arkansas was looking for their first victory at Bryant-Denney Stadium since 2003. This game will be overshadowed because of John Parker Wilson finding Matt Caddell in the back of the endzone for a touchdown with :08 seconds left to go in the ball game.

McFadden had many Heisman moments throughout his career and it started with his primetime performance against the Alabama Crimson Tide under first year head coach, Nick Saban. D-Mac ran wild on Alabama that night to a tune of 195 yards on 33 carries with 2 touchdowns.

What are some moments you believe are wrongly forgotten about or overshadowed? Let us know in the comment section!

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