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Jones “Snubbed” By Coaches, Fans Say AP “Got It Right”

The Associated Press seemed to know more than what the coach’s from the SEC did and that was naming Mason Jones as the SEC Player of the Year. Snubbed or not, we all knew in our hearts that the SEC was not going to name arguably the best player in the conference that happened to be on a team with a record of 7-11 in conference play its player of the year.

If Jones deserved the award from the SEC or not, here are some of the reactions via Twitter that Razorback fans had after hearing the news of Immanuel Quickley was named SEC Player of the Year over Jones:

SEC fans everywhere knew of the tremendous improvement Jones displayed this season over his sophomore campaign, the nine 30 point performances and his ability to create for himself made him such a joy to watch. Opposing fans knew what was coming for them night in and night out that Jones would be at his best, be creative with his shot selection and keep his team in the ball game with his defense during each possession.

Of course, statistics and records speak for themselves but what Jones was able to do in his second season on The Hill was nothing short of outstanding. Nine 30 point performances which is the most for a player in the SEC since 2008-2009, a four time selection as SEC Player of the Week and the only player in the conference to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists and steals. Jones leads the nation in free throw attempts made and taken, and scored seven of his 30 point performances in the final 12 games.

Finally, Razorback fans should be grateful to have such an underrated player out of high school and junior college chose to come to Arkansas and develop his game and be the extent of being first Hog to be named player of the year since Bobby Portis in 2015. For a fan base and state that is built on hardworking blue collar citizens, it is no wonder why Jones was able to become such a fan favorite. Here is to hoping that Arkansas somehow wins their first two tournament games for a shot at the semifinals against LSU on Friday. Crazier things have happened but can Arkansas win four or five in as many days to make it to the NCAA Tournament? You best believe Jones and company will have something to say about it beginning Wednesday night.