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Thrilling Moments Throughout “The Boot” Rivalry

Arkansas has needed huge, memorable plays during this rivalry game’s history to win many of these matchups.

Clint Stoerner’s 80 Yard Bombs

The Hogs were looking for some momentum and they did that on back to back drives during the 1997 matchup. With Gus Johnson calling the plays it made it even more entertaining.

McFadden Reels His Hogs Back

Down 12 with 10 minutes to go in the fourth quarter in the 2006 Battle of the Golden Boot with an undefeated conference season on the line, the Razorbacks needed a big play to get back in the game. Darren McFadden took a deep handoff and ran off the right gap and went 80 yards for a touchdown. The best part of the play? When DMAC split two defenders at the 50 the roar of the crowd was incredible. If the Hogs won this game the play would rank higher but this is still one of the best plays in the series.

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Late in the fourth quarter with the game still up for grabs during the 2010 matchup Ryan Mallett and his Razorback football team were closing in on a trip to the Sugar Bowl. It was 4th and 3 with the Hogs in Tiger territory with the Hogs just needed a short gain to keep the drive going. With Joe Adams lined left of the formation facing the “Honey Badger”, Mallett took the snap out of the shotgun and with no question lofted the ball ip to his WIDE OPEN receiver, Adams, and he took it into the endzone for a touchdown. That was the dagger!

The Night The Lights Went Out In Tiger Stadium

It has been seen that when the Tigers are down during a season they seem to be less competitive or motivated to do much especially late in the season. The Hogs went to Death Valley looking to stomp the Tigers and keep The Boot in Arkansas. There were a three huge plays that happened throughout the game that really set the tempo for the win. Dominique Reed’s opening touchdown got them going, Alex Collins 80 yard touchdown just slapped the Tiger defense in the face and finally Louisiana’s own Jared Cornelius took his jet sweep to the left of the formation and off he left the defense in his dust for a touchdown to put the icing on the cake.

A Storybook Ending

Former Razorback quarterback, Casey Dick faced ole run of grief during his career but he shut a lot of folks up as his final Razorback appearance was a memorable one. He replaced his younger brother, Nathan, who started the game during the start of the second half and he went off. He completed 18 of 29 passes for 197 yards and two touchdowns. His first touchdown went to freshman Jarius Wright with his final touchdown coming on the final pass of his final game going to London Crawford in the right corner of the endzone on a fourth down and one play from the 24 yard line to ultimately tie the ball game at 30.

“Can You Believe It?!”

The LSU defense was one year away from being a juggernaut in the SEC. The Hogs had plenty of weapons out wide to expose a young but very talented LSU defense. A speedy sophomore wide receiver named Cobi Hamilton who could create a big play at any moment. Hamilton’s first touchdown reception was an 85 yard catch and run. His second was the most memorable as he split two defenders at midfield with basically 0:00 on the clock and raced to the endzone for a touchdown.

Miracle On Markham

The original miracle need magic to happen if the Razorbacks wanted to head to Atlanta for their second SEC Championship game. Matt Jones hadn’t been sharp all night but was able to connect on the final two hail mary’s to win the game when Decori Birmingham leaped over double coverage to upset LSU in Little Rock. This is one of those memories that will last forever.

3 OT’s in Baton Rouge

My friend, Kyle Sutherland from The Hawg Talk, wrote it perfectly today as it is the 13 year anniversary of the greatest Razorback win in recent memory.


Ask any Razorback fan who is 20 years or older about what they remember on November 23rd, 2007 and you will probably get a few identical responses:

Black Friday shopping, enjoying some Thanksgiving leftovers, and watching the Razorbacks go down to Baton Rouge and defeat #1 LSU in triple overtime.

The three-headed monster of Darren McFadden, Peyton Hillis, and Felix Jones led the way for a dominant rushing performance totaling 385 yards averaging 7 yards per carry.

McFadden ran for 206 and 3 touchdowns (also one passing TD), Hillis added 151 yards of total offense with four touchdowns, and Jones chipped in for 85 yards with an eye-popping 9 yards per carry.

In what would be his final game of a polarizing career at Arkansas, Coach Houston Nutt famously stated to Tracy Wolfson, “For three hours, or however long maybe 4 hours, we were the best team in the country today.””

Did I miss any plays that should’ve been in the countdown? Will there be any big time memorable plays in this one? We will see Saturday at 11:30 on the SEC Network.