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Arkansas Fight SEC Predictions, Week 3

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

This week felt good, didn’t it? Wasn’t everyone in Arkansas a little bit happier after that big win? You couldn’t see it, but, behind the masks, they were smiling.

We got another full slate of SEC games this week.

The biggest game this week is running at the same time as the Arkansas game, so make sure you DVR the UGA-Tennessee matchup. You probably remember how enormous and talented, and how unwilling to give up an inch, the Dawgs’ defense is. They might get tested against Tennessee’s equally-enormous and potentially-great offensive line.

But obviously, the game you’re going to watch in the afternoon is in Auburn. It’s been moved from the SEC Network to ESPN, so even our sweet grandmothers who only have basic cable can watch it.

Can the Hogs build on last week and upset a favored team that, um, has some pretty severe offensive issues?

Several of the games are going to be played in the slop, with Hurricane Delta making landfall soon. We’re all thinking about those in its path and hope everyone stays safe!

Good on LSU to change the venue of its game against Missouri to Columbia. Mizzou should still be an easy win...

Half of your pals at Arkansas Fight picked the Hogs to win in Starkville last week. Whether it’s because we’re homers (yes) or because we’re seers (maybe Bailey), some of us are looking preeetttty smart right about now.

Here’s how we see it this week.

SEC Schedule Week 3:

Florida at Texas A&M, 11:00 am, ESPN

LSU at Missouri, 11:00 am, SEC Network Alternate

South Carolina at Vanderbilt, 11:00 am, SEC Network

Tennessee at Georgia, 2:30 pm, CBS

Arkansas at Auburn, 3:00 pm, ESPN

Alabama at Ole Miss, 6:30 pm, ESPN

Mississippi State at Kentucky, 6:30 pm, SEC Network

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