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Arkansas Fight SEC Predictions, Week 5

Sit back and watch teams that aren’t Arkansas look like trash

I understand that Arkansas getting a bye week now is probably hitting at the perfect time for them. But, I am really jonesing to watch them again. That defense is fun, and I think the offense is going to start clicking at some point this season.

In the meantime, we have four games this week in the SEC, and none of them are really lighting my fire.

Alabama at Tennessee is supposedly the marquee matchup, and gawd, is it going to be a blow-out. The Vols are coming back down to earth, they don’t trust their quarterback, and Jeremy Pruitt may have fired his defensive line coach DURING the game last week. Yikes.

The one aspect of the week I’m interested in is the pair of meltdowns taking place in Auburn and LSU. Are they really both as bad as they’ve looked? I mean, I definitely recognize the offense in Auburn, and all I can say is: they need to give Chad more time to implement his system. Once that gets going, hoo boy, look out! Points on points on points! Don’t give up now. I’m sure all of my Arkansas brethren agree with me that Auburn and Chad Morris are meant for each other.

LSU looks like a team that’s lost almost the entirety of last year’s two-deep roster. My concern is that they don’t suddenly look like world-beaters by the time the Hogs play them in November.

Anyway, take a little extra time to appreciate last week’s win, because next week’s game against the Aggies will be stressful. This week can be about watching other teams stress out.

Here’s how your buds at Arkansas Fight see the SEC shaping out this week. Let us know what we blew in the comments!

SEC Schedule Week 4:

Auburn at Ole Miss, 11:00 am, SEC Network

Alabama at Tennessee, 2:30 pm, CBS

Kentucky at Missouri, 3:00 pm, SEC Network

South Carolina at LSU, 6:00 pm, ESPN

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