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College Football World Sheds Empathy on Hog Nation

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Pittman and the Razorbacks have moved on to prepare for their week four matchup with the Ole Miss Rebels following a controversial loss at Auburn over the weekend. However, this is not the case for college football’s social media world, as fans and analysts took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the SEC officials. Chaos ensued after a backward pass from Auburn quarterback Bo Nix was blown dead, leading to a game-winning field goal for the Tigers. Ultimately, the Razorbacks were robbed of a victory, and the entire college football landscape recognized the official error.

The Hogs found themselves in an early hole on Saturday evening as the Tigers jumped out to a 17-point lead. Due to a consistent offensive effort and timely defense, the Razorbacks found themselves crawling back into the game as the second half progressed. A late fourth-quarter touchdown pass from Felipe Franks to De’Vion Warren inched the hogs ahead by a score of 28-27. Unfortunately, the ensuing Auburn possession resulted in a blown call and Auburn victory, hurling Razorback fans into an all too familiar situation.

College football diehards from all over the country shed their empathy for Razorback Nation with the conclusion of Saturday night’s game. On Sunday, a statement from the SEC office added fuel to the social media fire, as fans continued to voice their strong opinions into the new week. Additionally, analysts and social media personalities continued to bash the on-field decision and statement released by the SEC:

Razorback fans, it is acceptable to be still upset about Saturday night because we have been here before. Take a few days to let the shock wear off. However, Saturday is a new day and a new opportunity. Ole Miss will be in town, and you can guarantee that Coach Pittman and company will have the Hogs ready to throw down with the Rebels.