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AD Yurachek Statement Following Loss* To Auburn

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

As I expected there would be a inquiry for an explanation following the loss* to Auburn last night. Last night’s blown call has been talked about Nationally. Every pundit and fan possible has burned the officiating crew and the
SEC as a whole at the stake.

This will be a game remembered for a long time. A game that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Arkansas AD Hunter Yuracheck: Fans of Razorback Football; immediately following last night’s game, I spoke with the appropriate staff at the SEC office regarding the official’s ruling on 3rd down with :30 remaining in the game. They provided an explanation consistent with what was outlined in their statement. I expressed my disagreement and disappointment with the final decision. However, there is no further action to be taken and we will turn our attention to the Ole Miss game on Saturday. I am extremely proud of the effort of our football team. I appreciate your continued support.”

Ok, Yurachek. I will be moving on but we won’t forget the “Auburn Screwjob” on October 10, 2020. Go Hogs! Bear the snot out of the Ole Miss Rebel Black Sharks.