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Score Predictions: Arkansas/Auburn

Georgia v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

JACOB: Arkansas has an opportunity to have a signature moment with a victory over Auburn. We all know the storylines and I straight up don’t mind picking the Razorbacks in this one. They look like the better team right now. Arkansas 14 Auburn 10

BEN: “We are in for a slugfest on Saturday afternoon. Rain and a lot of defense. It’ll be ugly. It’ll be close. Give me Auburn. Auburn 20 Arkansas 14

ADAM: I have so many questions about this game. Will other teams be able to replicate Arkansas’ success against the Air Raid, or did that performance show how much the Hogs have improved? Will Auburn really be without two of their top three receivers? Will Rakeem Boyd play? Will Gus take over playcalling duties for Auburn? Who benefits more from the weather? I’m sticking with my EV+ model prediction of Auburn 17, Arkansas 13, but this is my least confident pick of the week.

RYAN: I think the hype of the Mississippi State game is a little too much. Mississippi State is not a very good football team, and their win against a undermanned LSU team was blown out of proportion. I think Arkansas keeps it close throughout the game, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see countless scuffles due to the bad blood between the two programs. However, Auburn is clearly the better team in this one, and their defense has the capability to shut down an underwhelming Kendal Briles offense at this point. If Rakeem Boyd and Treylon Burks do not play either, it would make it even tougher for the Hogs to pull this one out. 24-17 Auburn.

LUKE: I’m of two minds about this game. Auburn looks like an absolute mess, and they’ve lost their leading tackler for awhile. It’s going to be an absolutely nasty weather day, and Chad Morris still won’t want to run the ball.

But I also think Arkansas’s progression won’t be linear (as progression rarely is), and this game is bound to get dumb. Like “Auburn scores 21 points entirely from 7 field goals” levels of dumb.

Auburn 21, Arkansas 13