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Week 3 of FanPulse Shows: Clemson is Good, Arkansas— eh

Clemson keeps it locked at number one, while the SEC claims 5 top 10 spots.

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Things feel pretty dire right now, so maybe there’s some hope to take from the fact that Clemson still looks dominant. I don’t know what can be attributed to Chad Morris there, and what can’t be, but goodness gracious have they built a program.

We still don’t have enough data to produce our own top 25, so here’s how the aggregate turned out:

It’s hard to take 5 of the top 10 being SEC schools while knowing that there’s not a chance in hell we make top 50 right now. As discouraging as it may be after the loss to Ole Miss, keeping up with the poll for SB Nation FanPulse will at least give us something fun to do in the interim, so please sign up for that!

Otherwise keep an eye out for more analysis from us, and hopefully some positivity from the football program.

We think the voices at Arkansas Fight should be heard in this conversation, so please sign yourself and others up and vote on Arkansas’ behalf. The pigs demand it.