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SB Nation FanPulse Week 1 Poll Results: Clemson Still Number 1

The Tigers remained dominant— help us get the Hogs in there!

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The votes are in, and...

...we’re STILL not eligible to vote yet! Get your friends, family, and/or enemies to sign up on Arkansas’ behalf to start voting and getting Arkansas back into the Top 25, if only by fan love. The SB Nation FanPulse poll aims to provide a better college football poll, and I know you folks have some opinions.

Here’s how the SB Nation blogs ranked the top 25 teams:

Auburn is big mover up, as their trademark last-minute win over Oregon propelled them to number 8. It’s so encouraging to look at this chart and realize that we play 4 of the top 12 teams very soon, especially after a somewhat disappointing week 1 start...

This poll also measures confidence in the team. If you vote on this, you’ll be able to answer Arkansas specific questions to help us meet the necessary quota.

We think the voices at Arkansas Fight should be heard in this conversation, so please sign yourself and others up and vote on Arkansas’ behalf. The pigs demand it.