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SB Nation FanPulse Week 5: Is It Possible to Gain Confidence After a Loss? Arkansas Fans Think So

After a stupid loss to San Jose State, confidence bottomed out. After a close loss to Texas A&M, it’s on the rise?

SB Nation’s Week 5 FanPulse Poll is out, and it appears that close victories are less impressive than dominant ones according to the voters. That’s right, folks. Bama is back on top after Clemson managed to barely beat North Carolina. Bama on the other hand, absolutely destroyed Ole Miss with their third string receiver posting a cool 5 touchdowns and 274 yards. But you didn’t come here for Top 25 stuff.

Not on an Arkansas website :(

No, what’s more interesting this week is the confidence poll. After a close loss to A&M, fans are more confident than after the close loss to lowly San Jose State:

At least we’re getting a W in the confidence column :’)

I tend to agree with the fans here though. We looked like a team that belonged on the field, and had a phenomenal shot to win with a second string QB coming in after Starkel’s injury. The young kids look like SEC caliber athletes, and in my opinion, the offensive playcalling was the best it’s been all year. I get it. That’s probably why when polled “Which program should fire their coach first?” fans of all teams didn’t put Arkansas very high:

It could always be worse I guess. Former Arkansas defensive coordinator Chris Ash was fired by Rutgers after a 52-0 destruction by Michigan. I guess starting the season being outscored 82-0 by conference opponents is bad.

Meanwhile, at least we aren’t Tennessee, because goodness gracious that program is in shambles. According to our projection models curated by Adam Ford, we would beat them, and we haven’t looked like convincingly beating an SEC team in a while.

It is incredibly stunning to see programs with the kind of prestige Tennessee, Florida State, and USC boast struggling so badly, but quite frankly, I think we belong in that conversation. College football is a weird sport. Imagine telling a Nebraska fan in the 90’s that they’d be absolutely dismantled by Ohio State, for example.

Either way, some interesting data to take in this week. It’ll be food for thought as the team gets a much needed bye week before visiting Kentucky.

Have a great Monday, folks!

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