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FanPulse Confidence Poll Shows That Winning Is Good for Arkansas Fans

Who would’ve thought winning is good?

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It’s that time of week again, where the SB Nation FanPulse poll comes out, and Arkansas is still left out. Shame.

If you check out the poll, you’ll see that people were either so apathetic, or so die hard that Maryland is still in the top 25...

I don’t get it either. What I do want to talk about briefly is the spike in confidence from last week to this week. After week one, 64.7% of Hog fans were confident in the direction of the program. Then, after a loss to Ole Miss, confidence fell to 30%. Now, after the biggest win of the Chad Morris era, confidence has risen to 78.6%. That’s impressive.

Obviously winning helps, but I think some other factors include seemingly figuring out that Starkel is our guy. It helps to have a defined quarterback. I would also point to the fact that the offense finally looked like the fun, innovative offense we’ve been promised since Morris got here.

I hope we continue to see growth of confidence, even if the results don’t come early or often. I think we should beat San Jose State and Western Kentucky, and that already puts us ahead of last year. Steal an SEC win or two and things could really be looking up. Maybe I’m just a foolish optimist though.

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