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The SB Nation FanPulse votes are in!

Sign up, and make Arkansas’ voice heard!

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The votes are in, and...

...we’re not eligible to vote yet! Get your friends, family, and/or enemies to sign up on Arkansas’ behalf to start voting and getting Arkansas back into the Top 25, if only by fan love. The SB Nation FanPulse poll aims to provide a better college football poll, and I know you folks have some opinions.

For the national votes though, which aggregate every SB Nation site with 50 or more voters, the results look like this:

Do you agree or disagree? Make yourself heard!

For what it’s worth, Clemson was picked first in all eligible polls except for two... Those two picked Bama. Can you guess who the two dissenting fanbases were?

One was Bama. The other though? Rutgers. I’m not kidding. Rutgers.

We think the voices at Arkansas Fight should be heard in this conversation, so please sign yourself and others up and vote on Arkansas’ behalf. The pigs demand it.