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Sign Up for SB Nation’s FanPulse and Be a Pollster!

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NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Do you ever feel like you’re better than the pollsters or the playoff committee? You could’ve done it right, and there would’ve been no controversy? Think the Hogs aren’t getting any respect? Do something about it!

You can join a group of fans that are surveyed weekly as part of the new SBNation Top 25 polling project. If you’re interested, SIGN UP HERE to join us on SB Nation FanPulse.

You’ll be the voice of Arkansas fans in Top 25 polling by answering a weekly poll. After filling out your survey, you’ll get to be a part of Arkansas’ Top 25 committee. This won’t be a major time commitment, so please, join us!

This will allow us to build a database of the most informed college football fans and allow us to challenge the AP and Coaches’ Polls for supremacy.

The results of each of our polls will be published by Arkansas Fight and may be featured on also, along with the results from other teams.

This project started on SB Nation’s NFL sites last season. Here’s an example of some of the results based on questions involving confidence.