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Gafford Watch: 1st Round?

Daniel Gafford may have slipped out of the first round.

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Daniel Gafford has officially put his name in for the NBA Draft, the attention turns to mock drafts. With the NCAA Tournament getting underway, plenty of mock drafts are coming out. The bad news is the Gafford is slipping in the mock drafts. Not only did coming back for his senior year not improve his draft stock, it’s slipped. It’s looking like a big combine performance is going to be needed.

SB Nation (3/6) - Not In 1st Round Mock

Bleacher Report (3/20) - Not In 1st Round Mock

CBS Sports (3/21) - Not In 1st Round Mock

That’s three major publications not having Gafford in at all. Not ideal.

ESPN (3/18) - 37th Overall, Dallas Mavericks

It’s the second round, which means unless he blows some people away in training camp and Summer League, he’ll be joining Daryl Macon in the G-League.

Tankathon (3/16) - 28th Overall, Golden State Warriors

At this point this is the best case scenario for the big man. A first round pick is important because it means a guaranteed two-year deal. The Warriors are likely going to need big men with their upcoming free agency situation so it could be a fit for both.