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Arkansas Basketball Reveals Their 1994 Throwback Uniforms

Arkansas will have some new threads with the ‘94 team in town.


They teased it at the beginning of the year with the throwback gear, now the uniforms are official. Arkansas is going to have throwback jerseys for their penultimate home game against Ole Miss on March 2nd.

And they look oh so nice.

The game is the finale to a season long celebration for the team, that will also have a reunion at Bud Walton during this game.

The uniforms have been on sale for a while now (at least the number 25), but now we get to see them in action, which is a great nod to the 25th anniversary of Arkansas’ only National Championship in hoops.

It’s not a night game, but a Saturday afternoon in March should allow for fans to pack Bud Walton arena for this one. If Arkansas stays on the track they are right now, the game could have NCAA Tournament implications as well. With standings as tight as they are, it will certainly be a big swing game for SEC Tournament seeding.