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SEC Power Rankings: Its Getting Close At The Top

The SEC Standings have a 3-way tie at the top.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Louisiana State Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

14. Vanderbilt

15. Straight. Losses.

13. Georgia

They came oh so close to ending their SEC losing streak, but fell to Mississippi State and Ole Miss by one point each.

12. Arkansas

Welcome to Wednesday Night Sadness Hogs.

11. Missouri

They gave a couple of pretty good scares to Kentucky and Florida this week, the latter on the road.

10. Texas A&M

Look at the Aggies winning four of their last five. They looked absolutely dead but have come on strong lately.

9. South Carolina

A home win and a road loss, they’re still hovering right over the .500 mark overall.

8. Alabama

Avoided total disaster by beating Vandy this Saturday, but they need a big win if they want to hop back on the right side of the bubble.

7. Florida

Oh that road win over LSU helped out a ton. The Gators can’t afford any big slips, but that’s a big time resume win.

6. Ole Miss

Losing to South Carolina and Georgia in one week would have been very rough for Ole Miss, but they held on against the Bulldogs and are just one away from that 20-win mark.

5. Auburn

They blew out a bad team and got blown out by a great team. Auburn is still very safe for the NCAA Tournament.

4. Mississippi State

Sitting at 20-7 right now and fighting for that last double bye spot in the SEC Tournament. They could also fight their way up to a pretty high NCAAT seed.

3. Tennessee

The Vols are still an outstanding team, but have gotten tripped up against the other two top teams in the conference. Their chance at revenge against Kentucky is coming up this week, and they could get another shot at the Tigers in the SEC Tournament.

2. LSU

Beating the Vols without Tremont Waters far outweighs the overtime loss to the Gators. That’s a huge boost for LSU.

1. Kentucky

Even though it’s a 3-way tie in the standings, Kentucky stays on top. Dismantling Auburn by 27 points this weekend keeps them at the top.