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SEC Power Rankings: Change at the Top

The Vols have been unseated at the top.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

14. Vanderbilt

13 straight now. That’s almost half a season.

13. Georgia

Well they hung tough with LSU? They’ve lost 10 straight SEC games.

12. Missouri

Can they get enough wins to avoid Wednesday Night Sadness? They need a bit of help but the win over Arkansas helps that.

11. Texas A&M

The Aggies got a nice win over Georgia to help stay out of Wednesday Night Sadness, but the remaining schedule is going to make it difficult for them to get over that hump.

10. Arkansas

Just avoid playing in the SEC Tournament on Wednesday now.

9. Florida

A loss in either game would have likely ended the Gators tournament hopes. They got the wins they needed over Vandy and Bama.

8. South Carolina

They just keep floating right at .500. Just enough to stay in that NIT conversation.

7. Alabama

Losing to Mississippi State and Florida isn’t horrible, but neither was particularly close and Bama is now up to double digit losses. It was a tough week for their tourney hopes.

6. Ole Miss

The win at Auburn was enormous for them. And they got up to 18 wins avoiding an upset bid from Mizzou. The should have no problem getting over 20 wins with their remaining schedule.

5. Auburn

KenPom still loves the Tigers, having them ranked at 16th, but the win loss record will keep them from getting a higher seed in March.

4. Mississippi State

They roughed up Bama and ran past the Hogs this week. They’re starting to knock on the door of the top-25.

3. LSU

That upset at Rupp was huge for the Tigers’ seeding come March. Their upcoming home games against Florida and Tennessee give them a shot at some more huge resume wins.

2. Tennessee

That was the Vols first loss since the day after Thanksgiving. They’re still on track for the one seed in the SEC Tournament, and possibly the NCAA Tournament. There’s also a chance for some revenge on March 2nd.

1. Kentucky

Back-to-back losses at Rupp wouldn’t have been great, but the Wildcats showed how high their ceiling can be this weekend. If they win out aside from the rematch against Tennessee, they’ll be in that 1-seed discussion as well.