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Arkansas Trips Up In Second Half Against Mississippi State

Second half woes continue.

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi State at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

A six point halftime lead turned into a 14 point deficit in the span of just over eight minutes and doomed the Hogs to their third straight loss. Mississippi State beat the Hogs 75-67 on the strength of a 23-3 run where Arkansas missed their first 14 shots of the second half. After shooting 6/10 from three in the first half, the Hogs were 1/9 in the second.

Arkansas is now 15-11 on the season and after things looked like they could be getting back on track at home. The offense went ice cold and when that happens to this team, things really start to spiral. The Hogs also committed 19 turnovers in the game. When this team who already struggles offensively is losing the points off turnovers battle, it’s over.

Mason Jones was the only Razorback with much going offensively. He led the Hogs with 30 points on 9/18 shooting. The rest of the team went a combined 13/34, only a 38% mark.

For as good of an offensive team Mississippi State has been all year, holding them to a reasonable was a big part of the game. 77 is one of the lower point totals in an SEC game this year. But when the offense sputters that badly for nearly 10 full minutes, there’s no shot.