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Darren McFadden Enters the NFF College Football Hall of Fame

“Ya better put him in your Heisman!”

Football - NCAA - Mississippi St vs. Arkansas Photo by Brad Schloss /Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

What more can you say about the greatest Arkansas Razorback ever? On Tuesday night in New York City, the GOAT was inducted into the NFF College Football Hall of Fame. After a storied career, in which he amassed 4955 yards from scrimmage and 43 total touchdowns, McFadden is enshrined where he should be.

This is a special day for a special player, but before we dive into WarMachine’s catalog of highlights, I’d like to make a pitch: retire number 5. Rakeem Boyd is one of my favorite Razorbacks to watch, and he’s worn that number as well as anyone could hope over the past couple of seasons, but once he has moved on to the next level, it should be taken out of circulation. Arkansas has been stingy with jerseys being retired. Clyde “Smackover” Scott’s number 12 was retired, and briefly unretired for Steve Little, before being re-retired. Brandon Burlsworth’s 77 is retired. That’s it. If anyone belongs in that company, it should be Darren freaking McFadden. I hope the University moves on this, because this Hall of Fame occasion is worthwhile enough to merit making special arrangements in the upcoming football season.

Now, let’s stroll through memory lane, and look at some highlights of the man who should’ve won the Heisman over Troy Smith:

2007 vs. #23 South Carolina

2007 @ #1 LSU

2006 vs LSU

2005 @ Georgia

Congratulations Run DMC. You had a whole generation of kids wanting to be you, and a whole state behind you.

A legend.

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