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Wooo Pod Sooie: Episode 7- Sound and Fury (feat. Matt Besser)

We welcome comedian and Hog fan Matt Besser into the studio for a jam-packed episode of the podcast.

Episode 7 of Wooo Pod Sooie is here, and it’s packed full of Hog stuff.

In this episode, Saul and Tucker discuss:

  • The SEC Championship winning Soccer Team
  • The SEC Championship winning Cross Country Team
  • The very bad, no good Mississippi State game
  • Why firing Chad Morris is a measured response
  • And how Matt Besser has managed to stay a Hog fan through the years

We want to give a very special thanks to Matt Besser for coming on the pod and giving two comedy/Arkansas nerds a great interview. You can find him on twitter @MattBesser, and watch his new standup special “Pot Humor” on AppleTV/iTunes.

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