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A Quick Q&A With For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

We sent them some Q’s, they sent us some A’s. Get to know them ahead of the game.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 17 Arkansas at Mississippi State Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We sent over some answers to the Q’s of Mississippi State’s SB Nation blog, which you can read here. Now, read their answers to our questions, dang it!

Joe Moorhead has been discussed for the Rutgers job… Whether or not it’s true, that can’t feel good. What is the vibe in the fan base where he’s concerned?

The vibe around the fan base is they want Joe Moorhead fired. Most fans would like him to be taken away by Rutgers. I, myself, believe he’ll be in Starkville for his third year at Mississippi State.

Who is the standout player for the Bulldogs in what has been a dreary year?

There’s the obvious answer in Kylin Hill, but honestly, there hasn’t been the expected production from him that we expected. I would give the answer, Garrett Shrader. We didn’t expect to see the youngin’ play and he’s already gained the approval from most fans. Very down to earth kid and fits Starkville.

What does Mississippi State have to do to walk out of Fayetteville with a win?

Kylin Hill must find his rhythm to get our offense going. Our defense is sub-par and I’m not expecting anything spectacular, but most fans look over our defense because the offense is horrendous. The offense gets going when Hill gets going.

What has been the biggest source of struggle in Starkville this year?

Once again, the offense. Fans expected to have some sort of genius running our offense. So expectations are the source of struggles.

Why can’t we be happy?

I’m afraid it could be a while before we’re happy again. But hey, one of us will be happy this weekend.

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