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SB Nation FanPulse is coming to Basketball

Voting for basketball should be way more fun... right?

Arkansas Razorback Red White Game Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

FanPulse has been a fun experiment that I’ve enjoyed watching among Arkansas fans. It’s an interesting window into the measure of confidence in the program, and comes straight from the mouths of fans. However, dire football straits have resulted in our voting numbers dropping, which stinks, but I get it. Our confidence dropped to 12.3% after the loss to Alabama, but the amount of people voting wasn’t significant, so we can’t really count that percentage. Kudos to you die-hards.

I do have some good news: basketball is getting a FanPulse treatment, and I think it’ll be more fun. It’s not going to be focused on Top 25 so much as it’ll measure confidence at every juncture. To start fresh with a brand new coach will be an interesting measure of our success as a program. I don’t think it’ll take long for Eric Musselman to grow this program’s confidence.

Be on the lookout for that. If you’re already signed up, you don’t have to do anything, but if you haven’t signed up before, this is a great opportunity to get started. You can do that in the link below.

In the meantime, let it be known that no one can let Arkansas score and still be considered number one. Not even Alabama:

That’s right, folks. LSU is now number one... Good thing we have yet to play them. Chad Morris’ previous job at SMU is up to 14. That’s neat. Unfortunately it means nothing for us.

So, join me in voting for a happier time with a happier team. Basketball is just around the corner, and should be more fun than football.

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