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Wooo Pod Sooie: Episode 3- We Live in a Society

Begun, the fried chicken wars have.

Episode 3 of Wooo Pod Sooie is here!

In the third episode, Saul and Tucker discuss:

  • The Red-White Basketball game
  • The still high flying soccer team
  • Urban Meyer’s Little Rock Touchdown Club gaffe
  • Some Jokerish recruiting tactics
  • And a preview of the Kentucky game

The feedback on these first couple of episodes has been amazing, and we’re excited to announce that Wednesday will be the official weekly release date going forward. Tune in every Wednesday, and we’ll fulfill your pod needs.

Please give feedback, because that’s how we make this better. It’s a podcast by fans for fans.

Check it out on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts, or give it a listen here:

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