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SB Nation FanPulse: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Arkansas had a bye week, and it sure has boosted confidence around here.

Another week, another poll, and while we’ll get to the top 25 momentarily, let’s take a look at what a bye week can do for a program!

Wow. After reaching historic lows of 0% confidence in the direction of the program, Hog fans have taken a turn for the better, with 53.3% of you confident after the loss to A&M, and now after the bye week 72.7% confidence. Perhaps the time to stew and take in the season so far has boosted morale. It was hard not to feel pretty good about Arkansas after seeing the massive soccer win, and the awesome Red-White Basketball Game spectacle, so maybe folks are starting to fathom a world where they can be happy with Arkansas football. Bold.

Elsewhere, fans voted for the top 25 teams in college football, but evidently only saw the top 15 teams play, because this week’s FanPulse Top 25 is a doozy:

Some awfully suspect ratings there, but hey, the AP ratings are a bit suspect too. Not sure I’d have A&M in the top 25. I for sure wouldn’t have UCF there. Ignorance is bliss though, because we don’t have to think about top 25 contention.

There was another question on the poll guaging interest in upcoming games, and those results were interesting too:

Sure, the Red River Shootout is fun, but let’s not pretend we’re not all tuning in for Bucknell vs. Colgate. I know you’ve all been watching those two very closely. I sure have. I know that Colgate is not just a toothpaste, but is also a college. Neat.

That brings our review of the FanPulse poll to a close for the week. Thanks for reading!

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