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Wooo Pod Sooie: Episode 5- Fansville

Just what exactly is going on in that town?

It’s Episode 5 of Wooo Pod Sooie, folks!

In this episode, Saul and Tucker discuss:

  • The SEC West clinching soccer team
  • Nolan Richardson’s big day
  • Houston Nutt’s Little Rock Touchdown Club Revival
  • The Auburn game (including the fake punt)
  • The Tua-less Crimson Tide
  • And what the deal is with Fansville

We are now over 1500 downloads, which is really special. Thank you so much for listening along during the dark times. We know you have options, and we’re glad we’re one of them.

Please give feedback, because that’s how we make this better. It’s a podcast by fans for fans.

Check it out on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts, or give it a listen here:

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