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SEC Power Rankings: Conference Play Movement

Lots of teams moved around after this weekend

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

14. Georgia

Lose by 46 and you’re going to the bottom of the list.

13. Texas A&M

Losing at home is not a good start to SEC play. Their upcoming schedule looks like things could get very ugly for them as well.

12. South Carolina

Few had the Gamecocks beating Florida before Saturday, and even fewer thought a comeback was possible with them down 14 with 11 minutes to go. Chris Silva’s dunk was an early season shock.

11. Vanderbilt

A 10 point home loss to Ole Miss is not a good sign for the rest of the conference slate.

10. Ole Miss

Kermit Davis now has the Rebels at 11-2 and starting well in SEC play. They’re putting together about as good of a start as you could ask for in Oxford.

9. Arkansas

Arkansas didn’t look overly impressive so won’t move much by beating A&M, but it was a win they needed.

8. Missouri

One of four teams that didn’t play this weekend. The only reason they’ve moved down is because of Bama’s upset.

7. Florida

It’s been three days and I’m still wondering what the hell happened to the Gators.

6. Alabama

That win over Kentucky is the best thing that happened in Alabama athletics this week. Who saw that coming?

5. LSU

No game this weekend, benefits from Florida’s drop.

4. Kentucky

They looked like things were starting to come together and would be a force in SEC play. They still will likely be at the top but tripping out of the gate isn’t fun.

3. Mississippi State

One of two teams in the conference with just one loss. They’ll get conference play started with a winnable road game against South Carolina

2. Auburn

They didn’t look their best during the Holidays, let’s see if over a week off gives them a reset to get back on track.

1. Tennessee

Going to go out on a limb and say we don’t see another beatdown as bad as the one Tennessee gave the Bulldogs in the SEC this year.