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SEC Power Rankings Post Big 12 Challenge

How much have things changed after a weekend outside the conference?

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

14. Vanderbilt

They put in a hell of an effort against Tennessee. It looks like it took a lot out of them as they got mauled by Oklahoma in Norman this weekend.

13. Texas A&M

That Kansas State win keeps the Aggies from having what looked like a looooong losing streak.

12. Missouri

That LSU game could have been a big turning point for Mizzou. Instead they’re sitting at 1-5 in SEC play and have Auburn and Tennessee both in their next three games.

11. Georgia

They put up 98 on Texas after averaging 65.5 points in their last six games. Where the hell did that come from?

10. Arkansas

The win over Mizzou got them off their slide, a good effort against Texas Tech fell short. They need more consistent scoring from Isaiah Joe, he’s averaging 12.38 points per game in losses but nearly 16 points per game in their wins.

9. South Carolina

A tight win against Auburn, but a close loss to Oklahoma State. That puts the Gamecocks at 5-1 in conference play but 5-8 outside of it.

8. Florida

The losses are really starting to pile up for the Gators. They’re 11-8 and still have five games remaining against LSU, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

7. Ole Miss

Starting to fall back to earth after that hot start. They lost to Bama and Iowa State by a combined 35 points this week.

6. Alabama

They looked the part against Ole Miss and nearly took down TCU on the road. With depth from Donta Hall, Dazon Ingram, Kira Lewis, John Petty, and others they are starting to look like an NCAA Tournament team.

5. Auburn

This Tigers team just doesn’t have the same magic as last season. Four losses in SEC play already just about guarantees they’re out of the running for a regular season title.

4. Mississippi State

That win over Auburn puts them up in the rankings even after losing to a red hot Kentucky side.

3. LSU

They survived an upset scare against Mizzou and now are 6-0 in SEC play, the Tigers are gunning for a high seed in the NCAA Tourney.

2. Kentucky

Beating up on Mississippi State and getting a statement win against Kansas. About as good of a week as you can hope for for Kentucky.

1. Tennessee

They didn’t look their best against Vandy and West Virginia but they won both, which is what the best teams do.