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Defense Looks Strong, But Offense Unable to Get Going Against Texas A&M

Give Dre Greenlaw a dang award.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Texas A&M Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With the way things started, there looked to be no way Arkansas would only lose 24-17 like they did against Texas A&M. After a horrendous first quarter, the defense clamped down and kept the Hogs in the game as long as they could, the offense just couldn’t string enough drives together.

For a third straight week, Arkansas gave up a special teams touchdown. A&M took the opening kickoff back 100 yards to go up 7-0. The offense floundered around and at the end of the quarter Arkansas was down 14-0 and had negative yards on offense.

Things took a turn when Dre Greenlaw got his first of two interceptions. It stopped the bleeding and gave the chance for the Hogs to get on the board. Cole Kelley came in for the third and goal situation and powered it in for the Hogs’ first touchdown in what felt like three months. The defense continued to hold and went into the half down 17-7.

Arkansas got it to a one possession game after a 47-yard field goal, and had multiple chances to get the game tied. It felt like every time the defense made a play, or forced A&M to kick field goals that they would eventually miss, the offense failed to seize any of that momentum. No matter what the defense gave them, it was three and out and straight back to work for the defense. Eventually they couldn’t hold them completely off the board and gave up a rushing touchdown with 5 minutes left to make it 24-10.

Arkansas answered with a nice response that ended with a Ty Storey touchdown pass to Mike Woods. In a major indictment of how the offense performed this year, that was Storey’s first passing touchdown since week one. Nearly four entire games without one.

Then in the most poetic way possible, Arkansas got another stop. The defense held again and forced a punt to give Arkansas a chance to tie it or even have the chance for the win with a two point conversion.

Storey was picked off and that was the end of that.

The defensive effort just isn’t enough when the offense has just 11 first downs, goes 3/12 on third downs, and 248 total yards. Throw in allowing another special teams touchdown allowed and it will take a Herculean effort. Full credit for the defense in this one, they played their asses off. Especially Greenlaw and De’Jon Harris. They played well enough to get the win, but Arkansas just couldn’t get it done in the other phases of the game. So while it’s still progress, it’s still a loss. And a team that has got to figure things out on offense because my goodness this defense deserves a better season.