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Week 4 SEC Power Rankings

Kentucky is...good??

Mississippi State v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

14. Arkansas

At least there’s company here at the bottom.

13. Tennessee

Arkansas and the Vols have firmly entrenched themselves at the bottom of the conference. It doesn’t look like they’ll be rising any this year.

12. Vanderbilt

They had their first shot at an SEC win and couldn’t pull it off. After losing at home their path to six wins just got more difficult.

11. Ole Miss

They’re letting inferior teams hang around way too long to give me any sense of confidence in them.

10. Florida

3-1 and a return trip for Dan Mullen to Starkville could have people forgetting all about losing the streak to the Wildcats.

9. South Carolina

Didn’t really show much against Vandy except coming in and doing what they needed to do.

8. Mississippi State

Seven points at Kentucky is a result that’s going to look even weirder as the year goes on for the Bulldogs, even if Kentucky is better than we all thought.

7. Kentucky

There’s a real good chance that this is the second best team in the East.

6. Texas A&M

It feels weird to say that their two best performances were their two losses, but the two teams they lost to are probably going to play for a national title.

5. Missouri

They made Jake Fromm play a fourth quarter! That’s got to count for something.

4. Auburn

After the strangest 31 point win ever, Auburn has some legitimate concerns on offense.

3. LSU

Avoided a complete implosion against Louisiana Tech, and should have no problem with the Rebels.

2. Georgia

Man they are just going to cruise to the SEC championship game.

1. Alabama

You betcha.