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GAMETHREAD: Arkansas vs. Auburn

Things might get ugly. But you can still watch with us!

It’s time for SEC play, normally a time for excitement but with the way things are going some hog fans with weaker stomachs might want to look away from this one. Auburn is coming off a loss to LSU but is still is one of the best in the SEC.

For some pregame reading, take note that the defense has actually been pretty improved! The biggest problem has been they’ve been put into some really terrible situations by the offense.

If you’re feeling EXTREMELY optimistic, then read up on that time Fred Talley ran for 5,00 yards (roughly) in Auburn in a big upset win. Maybe tonight will be like that! It probably won’t but hey. Dream big.

If all the football sadness is just too much for you and you just need something else in your life, take solace in the fact that Dave Van Horn just got a big contract extension.